PubMed-EX is a browser extension that marks up PubMed search results with additional information retrieved from IISR & IASL text-mining services. PubMed-EX’s page mark-up includes section categorization, gene/disease name, and relation.

The mark-ups of PubMed-EX can help researchers quickly focus on key information in retrieved abstracts and can provide additional background information on key terms. Furthermore, our text-mining server carries out all text-mining processing, freeing up users’ resources.

More screen shots of PubMed-EX please refer to this page.

Download is free, but please acknowledge us by citing this paper if you use this add-ons in research:

    R. T.-H. Tsai, H.-J. Dai, P.-T. Lai, and C.-H. Huang,

    PubMed-EX: A web browser extension to enhance PubMed
    search with text mining features
    Bioinformatics Advance Access published on August 4, 2009, DOI 10.1093/bioinformatics/btp475.PDF

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